Hufcor is a manufacturer of operable partitions and other types of folding specialty doors. Rex Williams is a distributor of their products. When utilization of space is a concern, operable partitions help with effectively using a flexible space and accomplish it with style. Accordion doors are one of the easiest, and still highly durable, methods to achieve an operable partition and section off a room.

Here we will look at a few of the options available from Hufcor.

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Operable Partitions

Also known as Airwalls, movable walls or folding panels, operable partitions are made with welded heavy-duty steel and have options for overhead tracks and carriers.

How the operable partitions are folded can be selected from omni-directional, paired panels, or as a continuous train.

Hufcor’s “electric train” power drive offers both automation and safety. These partitions are effective at preventing sound transmission and there are options for fire rated panels. The external finishing of panels can be easily reconditioned in the field so your design can be updated if desired.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are fast and economical for dividing up a room. Hufcor’s accordion movable partitions are constructed using an internal pantograph. This provides uniform extension and support for smooth operation and maneuvering through curves and switches.

There are no floor tracks that can be damaged or that collect debris. Options for heavy-duty aluminum tracks allow for installation in various ceiling conditions. These accordion doors come with sound seals surrounding the entire door giving you acoustical performance and sound absorption.


For assistance in selecting operable partitions or accordion doors, contact a sales representative at Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties. We will help you in choosing the right options that make the biggest impact while providing the optimum performance and function for your space.