Commercial bathroom partitions are made for privacy while meeting the needs of building owners and occupants. While typical partitions are good enough at providing this privacy, many people still feel bothered and uncomfortable with gaps between doors and pilasters as well as the height of the panels surrounding them.

Fortunately, additional options are available to improve the way commercial bathroom partitions are made and installed so that they provide higher levels of privacy and comfort. Instead of having full walls installed with commercial doors and hardware, privacy partitions are available that will give users the private restroom retreat they are looking for. (This information and more can be found at

Extra height doors and panels can be anywhere from 69″ for ADA stalls, mounted 9″ Above Finished Floor (AFF), up to 72″ tall mounted 6″ AFF. Mounting styles include Floor Mounted, Overhead Braced, and Floor-to-Ceiling options.

Extra depth panels feature new aluminum H-brackets for clean design and closing the gaps. These deeper panels are available in dimensions up to 84″.

No-site options eliminate gaps between doors, pilasters, and panels. Bradmar bathroom partitions are available with an integral No-Site design. Full height strips for No-Site are available for stainless steel, powder coated and phenolic partitions.

Full privacy height continuous hinges and brackets are available for all materials.

The last thing you want is people to feel uncomfortable when using the facilities. By eliminating gaps between bathroom partition doors and pilasters, occupants can feel at ease with the privacy provided by the commercial bathroom partitions installed.

Contact Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties for assistance in finding the right bathroom partitions for your project. We can help retrofit existing bathroom partitions or supply new No-Site bathroom partitions to achieve the look and function you require in your building or space. Rex Williams also supplies commercial bathroom accessories and other division 10 specialty materials. Call today for a free quote!