SICO inc. is a manufacturer of folding tables and a provider of design solutions for many spaces including education, healthcare, and other commercial applications.

SICO (pronounced “See-Co”) provides folding lunch tables for schools and higher education, stages and risers for events and performances of various kinds, and other specialty products.


This article covers a brief overview of the products and services Rex Williams can offer from Sico. More information is available at

Some of the key benefits of using SICO Tables include:

  • Exclusive SICO Strut – Lifetime warranty, no loss of power on lift assist, maintenance free, SICO exclusive
  • Lightweight – SICO folding tables are the lightest in the industry, that’s because they use an Ultralight MDF Core for the table top and High Strength, Low Alloy steel for the table legs
  • SICO Attached Seating – Choose between benches, round stools or the new comfort stool in a variety of colors to create just the right look with optional accent guards
  • Innovator Caster Design – Features a plastic thread guard that does not move when the wheel spins which prevents accumulation of food, dust and debris in the bearing
  • SICO Armor-Edge – The most durable edge available that can be customized in a range of colors, it hermetically seals the tabletop and prevents moisture from entering the tabletop core

Folding Lunch Tables

Graduate Folding Table – Great choice for pre-school and elementary environments. Comes in oval or octagon shapes. Increases seating capacity up to 15%-20% over separate chairs and tables. SICO “Armor-Edge” on top and bottom edges is incredibly durable and prevent cracks or seams that can trap food and germs.

– Increases interaction

– Decreases noise levels

Communicator Mobile Folding Table – Larger capacity provides adequate spacing for 12 standard size lunch trays. Unique elliptical shape allows eye contact between all users. Tough high-pressure laminate tabletops meet NEMA specifications for durability and wear-ability. Separated seating provides plenty of spacing between students for comfort and options are available for optional accent guard.

Folding Tables with Stools

– Benches vs. Stools – Stools offer more accessibility and comfort and design options.

– ADA models for use with Wheelchairs are available

Other Folding Tables

MultiApp Mobile Folding Tables – Can be used in conference rooms, classrooms, computer labs, displays, food service, and much more. Needs no caddy for transportation, one person can roll this table into service or storage. Optional unit-to-unit connectors keeps tables secured together. Modesty panel adds privacy and serves as wire management try to keep cables organized.

Socializer Tables – Versatile table designed as a sit-around, stand-around, all-around unit. Multiple height mobile folding table features 12 height adjustments. These can nest in a minimum of storage space because of unique leg design and the folding top. Each additional unit requires only 6″ of storage space. Comes in three distinct models.

Design Services

SICO can assist you in visualizing a space with various styles of folding tables and other graphics. It can be hard to pick the right options and be confident in how it will look in your space. SICO makes it easy to pick and choose colors, table styles, and other design elements for a great atmosphere, all before you ever make a final buying decision. This design service is offered for free. It is definitely worth taking advantage of if you are uncertain about the final look and feel of your project.

Your school logo or other design graphics can be printed on SICO tables!


There are many options available for seating and design options. Contact Rex Williams Division 10 for your commercial folding table and dining area needs. We provide quality and long-lasting products.