Commercial bathroom partitions can be installed in a few different ways. In this blog post we’ll look at some of the basics involved with the different bathroom partition mounting styles as well as some of the benefits of each. (Images from Hadrian)

The 4 most common mounting styles are:

  1. Headrail Braced
  2. Ceiling Hung
  3. Floor Mounted
  4. Floor to Ceiling


Headrail Braced

This mounting style is the most common for bathroom partitions. Pilasters are mounted to the floor and there is a headrail installed that attaches to the walls and connects the pilasters together. This is a very durable setup that is used for high use and typical abuse.

Ceiling Hung

Bathroom partitions that use the ceiling hung style require additional bracing in the ceiling above for the hardware to be secure. The partitions do not touch the floor meaning the floor beneath is easier to clean with mops or brooms. These partitions will add a unique style to any commercial bathroom.

Floor Mounted

A floor mounted style offers a simple appearance that doesn’t have the overhead mounting hardware. The pilasters are mounted on the floor, but it is not as durable over the long run when compared with the overhead braced styles.

Floor to Ceiling

Because this style is mounted to the ceiling and the floor, it is much more secure and durable against high usage. When extra durability is a concern this is a good option. The ceiling will require additional backing for the mounting hardware.


Each style has its benefits and the appearance will vary. To ensure you get the best option for your bathrooms, don’t hesitate to contact a representative at Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties. We can provide you with the best solutions at great prices! We supply partitions from Bradley, Mills, Hadrian, and Metpar. We also offer bathroom accessories for a complete offering of bathroom products.