Some of the locker options in this post are available from Rex Williams.

First and foremost, a locker is a storage unit that holds items securely in a container while the owner of those items is away. Some lockers don’t have the lock built in and require the user to provide their own lock. But, other lockers have some kind of lock to keep the items inside secure. Locks come in various types such as combination locks or padlocks.

Lockers set up

Lockers can range in durability and functionality. Below are some common options available that provide various benefits beyond simple storage and security of people’s possessions.

Locker Tier Options

Many locker manufacturers offer various setup arrangements for their lockers. Lockers can range in size (height, width, depth) and colors. Typical locker units are set up side by side and can have anywhere from 1 up to 6 or more tiers. Each tier will have a storage unit that can contain personal belongings or other items with a door and vents, if needed.

Locker Ventilation Options

Ventilation options provide different appearances to the lockers and allow for air flow. For security there are ventilation options with no sight lines into the actual locker to prevent people from seeing what is inside.

Locker Door Options

Different locker door styles are available that have various hinge options and security features.

Locker Door Handle Options

There are pull latches, turn handles, and built-in lock functions such as combination locks or keyed locks. Other options can include trim that allows for padlock style locks that are be removable.


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