Soap dispensers come in various shapes and sizes. This blog post will cover 3 different types of soap dispensers including some of their benefits.

  1. Manual Surface-Mounted
  2. Manual Lavatory-Mounted
  3. Sensor-Operated Lavatory-Mounted

sink and soap dispensers

Manual Surface-Mounted Soap Dispensers

A surface mounted and manually operated soap dispenser is the simplest type of dispenser. This type of soap dispenser will mount directly to the wall. It will have some type of button or release that is manually pressed to release soap. The soap dispenser will generally be mounted above or near the sink/washing area.

surface mounted soap dispenser

These types of dispensers will have a filler hole or a removable container to replace the soap located somewhere on the dispenser itself. Many design options are available as well as various sizes and manual push button types.

Manual Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispensers

Lavatory mounted soap dispensers will be installed to the deck where the sink is installed. These are generally going to have a spout of some kind and the soap container will be located underneath the countertop.

soap dispenser lavatory mount

These will have various sizes available and the soap container underneath is not visible meaning you can have larger size soap containers allowing for less frequent refilling. But the space under the sink must be considered before specifying a soap container that is too large.

Sensor-Operated Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispensers

This type of dispenser is nice because it does not require any manual operation. A small sensor beneath the spout will detect motion within a short distance from the sensor. Upon sensing this motion, the soap dispenser will operate and release a certain amount of soap. A similar benefit mentioned above is that, because this soap dispenser is mounted to the countertop and the soap container is out of view, you can use a larger container that holds more soap requires fewer refills over time than some surface-mounted dispensers.

battery powered soap dispenserThis sensor-operated style will require power, such as a battery pack. When the battery power is low, a light will flash to indicate batteries need replacing.



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