In this blog post we will provide a brief overview of the commercial bathroom accessories and products that Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties offers. This is clearly not an exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of the range of commercial bathroom accessories that Rex Williams offers to customers looking for division 10 specialty products.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are very common in commercial bathroom settings because of their use for handicap applications. Grab bars allow individuals the ability to navigate more easily inside a bathroom partition, toilet stall, or shower. These help reduce the risk of falls and risk of injury.


Another commercial bathroom accessory that are found in many, if not most, commercial bathrooms are metal channel framed mirrors. Mirrors come in many sizes based on the needs and available space in a commercial bathroom. Besides the obvious uses of commercial bathroom mirrors, a mirror can also help make a space feel much larger adding to the comfort of building patrons.

Soap Dispeners Post

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers can be as functional as they can be decorative. Commercial bathroom soap dispensers are available to be wall-mounted or installed in the deck of the sink and/or countertop. They come in various capacities as well. Soap dispensers are easily one of the more necessary commercial bathroom accessories in projects.

surface mounted soap dispenser

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are becoming much more common because of their ease of use, reduction in maintenance, and for having no requirement for towel refills. These can be battery powered or wired to power. Hand dryers that are automatic and touch-less are also becoming more prevalent in commercial bathroom settings because of the need to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.

Towel Dispensers

Towel dispensers are a simple commercial bathroom accessory that allows for easy access to drying hands after washing. Many towel dispensers are available with an indicator slot that helps see when towels are getting low and need a refill. Capacities range from a few hundred folded paper towels to well over 1,000!

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Commercial toilet paper dispensers can be mounted on the wall or on partitions with many holder styles. There are vandal resistant or easy operated options depending on the application. Capacity is another option you can select from including how many rolls can be loaded such as single or double rolls.