There are four main option for bathroom partition materials. This article will briefly cover some of the benefits and common applications of each style. When choosing a bathroom partition, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable staff at Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties.

The most common material options for bathroom partitions are:

  1. Powder Coated Steel
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Solid Phenolic
  4. Plastic Laminate

Powder Coated Steel Bathroom Partition

Powder coated steel bathroom partitions offer the durability of steel and high quality finished appearance for a great looking bathroom. Many design options and colors are available from most manufacturers. Powder coated steel is often the least expensive option making it a good choice when cost is a concern.

These bathroom partitions are light-weight which helps with ease of installation. The steel sheets have interlocking edges to prevent penetration of moisture and rusting. Common applications include office buildings, schools, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Partition

Stainless steel bathroom partitions provide a high-end look with its sleek appearance and strength. Stainless steel provides a vandal resistant solution as well as high corrosion protection. Finish options often include a brushed stainless steel appearance or a textured finish for a more unique look. Stainless steel is also lightweight and provides a long lasting durability. This finish also tends to match other washroom fixtures and accessories which creates a more cohesive design throughout the bathroom.


These bathroom partitions are usually higher priced than the conventional powder coated steel bathroom partitions. Typical applications for stainless steel are high-end office buildings, Airports, and style-conscious spaces.

Solid Phenolic Bathroom Partition

Phenolic bathroom partitions require minimal care and has a highly decorative melamine surface bonded to a high-density core material. This material will not delaminate. Design flexibility for color/pattern of the faces is practically limitless. Phenolic is impact resistant, water resistant, and extremely heavy duty. The cost is relatively mid-range.

Some common applications include areas that are high humidity areas such as swimming pool facilities, shower stalls, locker rooms, stadiums, and parks. It is a good choice for vandalism prone areas as well.

Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partition

A plastic laminate bathroom partition provides a beautiful finished appearance with a relatively low cost. Smooth-surfaced decorative laminate is bonded to a high-density core material for a durable finished construction. Laminate bathroom partitions are resistant to stains, impact, and is easily maintained and comes at budget-conscious pricing.


Additional options are available for bathroom partition materials, depending on the manufacturer. Finish and layout designs are innumerable and the best options can be determined with a sales representative with Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties. We can help you find the right material for your specific application and needs, as well as within budget. Contact us today for a free estimate or consultation.