Division 10 specialties can be a complex set of materials and products. At first glance it may seem like a hodgepodge of items you need to finish out a project. Working with just any company you find on the internet (or in the phone book) may not bring you the finished result you are ultimately looking for. By working with Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties you can take advantage of the great experience, service, and variety of products we offer. As a division 10 product distributor we use only the top quality brands for commercial bathroom accessories like grab bars, tissue dispensers, and hand dryers. We also provide expertise in bathroom partitions, lockers and storage solutions, as well as specific specialty items from fire extinguishers to folding tables.

Contract Work in Division 10

Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties provides free estimates for contract projects large and small. We have worked with many general contractors to deliver finished division 10 goods and services to job sites. For over 50 years we have helped provide many division 10 specialty products for schools, commercial offices and retail spaces, religious buildings, and much more. We take pride in helping create a functional experience in the many unique aspects of a building. Contact us today to learn more and request a free bid!

Division 10 Direct Sales to End Users

Not only do we assist with new builds, we also work with end users to help in tenant improvements, rebuilds and upgrades, as well as replacements and over the counter sales. Whether it’s replacing bathroom partitions or providing new fire extinguishers and storage cabinets, we will work with you to find the right division 10 products for the right application.

Division 10 Service and Installation

Delivery and installation are offered to help with furnishing division 10 products and putting it in place for use. Qualified installers help you get the right product put in place on site in the best way possible. We also package and deliver your material in a secure and protected fashion so that you can be sure your division 10 materials are in working order when they arrive on site.


Contract us now to ask a question, work with one of our contract estimators, or to speak with a direct sales team member and get your free quote. We will help you with identifying options and clarifying requirements for division 10 specialty products.