With the wide variety of toilet partition manufacturers available there are clearly many colors to choose from. Bathroom partition colors can vary based on the type of base material selected. For example, a steel powder-coated metal bathroom partition will have as many colors available as there are paint colors while plastic laminate can have wide ranges of pattern options you can select.

In this blog post we provide some of the basic information for color options that bathroom partition manufacturers offer.

Metpar Bathroom Partition Color Options

Metpar has many bathroom partition materials available, each with a large selection of finish options to choose from. Below we have a small sampling of colors available for Powder Coated Steel and Plastic Laminate.

Powder Coated Steel


Plastic Laminate


Hadrian Bathroom Partition Color Options

Hadrian offers bathroom partitions in a powder coated steel, stainless steel, or solid plastic material.

Powder Coated


Solid Plastic


Mills Bathroom Partition Color Options

Mills bathroom partitions are a Bradley brand product. Bradley also manufacturers other washroom accessories and bathroom hardware such as grab bars, paper towel dispensers, and more.

Powder Coated Steel


Bradmar Solid Plastic



When selecting a bathroom partition, keep in mind the base material because the color options may not all be the same between two different types of bathroom partitions. For all your questions on which partitions you should select as well as getting color samples for design verification, contact Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties and we will assist you in getting the right product for your project.