In this article we will look at some popular paper towel dispensers from on of the industries respected manufacturers: Bradley.

Bradley supplies bathroom accessories and other washroom products for commercial applications. They also provide specialty products and unique options that other manufacturers don’t offer.

There are three paper towel dispenser products that we will review that have various options and similar models. For the sake of simplicity, though, we will focus on just these models.

Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle Combination Unit

A combination paper towel dispenser unit provides the benefit of having a paper towel dispenser contained in the same place as the waste receptacle. The design adds an appealing aesthetic that feels more high end. It also adds convenience to the user so they don’t have to search for the waste receptacle.

These combination units can be recessed in the wall, semi-recessed, or surface mounted. They can have a locking door that hides the waste basket insert and towel storage for security.


Other options can include hinged covers for the waste bucket, different capacity sizes for the towel dispenser and waste receptacle, and even built in hand dryers.

Standard Paper Towel Dispensers

Standard paper towel dispenser units can also be mounted in various ways included surface mounted, recessed, and semi-recessed. Towel holding capacity will vary between models and can depend on the type of folded paper towels used. A key operated lock secures the towel storage cabinet. These will also often have a small refill indicator that allows you visually inspect the fill level of the paper towel dispensers.

Automatic Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Just as the name suggests, the automatic towel dispenser is motion sensitive and will distribute the towel evenly and reliably with an adjustable time delay. The towel sheet length is adjustable and allows for various towel roll sizes to be installed. These can be battery powered or connected to AC power.


Depending on the application and type of building usage expected, the type of paper towel dispenser you use can make a difference in cleanliness, appearance, maintenance and durability. Speak with a sales representative at Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties to determine which option will be the best fit for your project.