Baby changing stations are an important addition to public restrooms. A baby changing station can set your business apart from others as being family friendly and convenient when parents need it most. Many design options are available including a variety of colors. Koala baby changing stations are high quality and built to last.

Mounting Options for Baby Changing Station

The typical options available for mounting baby changing stations to the wall include:

  1. Horizontal Wall Mounted
  2. Vertical Wall Mouned
  3. Recessed Mounted

Horizontal wall mounted is the most common option for baby changing stations. But conditions in the restroom where these are installed may require other mounting styles. Recessed mounted baby changing tables require additional prep in the wall for the recessed installation. The flush appearance of the recessed station is very aesthetically pleasing and can add a more upscale feel to commercial restrooms.

Finish Options for Baby Changing Station

Here is a list of common finishes available from Koala for baby changing stations:

  • Cream (00)
  • Grey (01)
  • White Granite (05)
  • Earth (11)
  • Grey Granite (12)
  • Sandstone (14)
  • Stainless Steel


For these specialty items you can call Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties and ask for a free quote. We stock some of the more common designs and can order additional options for your project. Let us help you in accomplishing the right look for your commercial restrooms. We can also supply other bathroom accessories as well as bathroom partitions.