Bathroom partitions are an essential part of multi-occupant commercial restrooms. Whether its the women’s or men’s restrooms, bathroom partitions are critical for the security of individuals. Bathroom partitions can provide a unique aesthetic to the space as well as serve a functional purpose. When done correctly, bathroom partitions can make a difference for how the space feels and how it is used.

Basics of Bathroom Partitions

Bathrooms serve a vital purpose in a commercial building, whether it be public or corporate or anything in-between, human beings require this to be safe, private, and accessible. Bathroom partitions are the best way to accomplish that.

Bathroom partitions come in all sorts of configurations, colors, and sizes. With the practically limitless options, it makes sense to work with a company like Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties to help you get the right product for the right application. Partitions aren’t just simply throwing up a few plastic boards between toilets in a bathroom area and calling it good. Things like privacy, accessibility, and function are all important considerations when designing bathroom partition layouts.

Bathroom partitions can be installed in several ways. Each mounting method has its benefits and a division 10 expert should be involved in discussing them if you aren’t sure what you need. There are also things to determine like appropriate door latch and hinge hardware configurations, bathroom partition material selection, finish options, and durability options.

Mounting Styles for Bathroom Partitions

The four main styles of mounting bathroom partitions are:

  1. Overhead Braced
  2. Floor Mounted
  3. Floor-to-Ceiling
  4. Ceiling Hung

Overhead braced is the most commonly used mounting method because of its durable installation, appearance, and functionality. Ceiling hung or floor-to-ceiling options require the ceiling to be reinforced for installation. Floor mounted only can be prone to more damage in areas subject to heavy use and abuse.

Bathroom Partition Material

Bathroom partitions are made with many different materials, each with varying benefits.

Steel formed partitions are general less expensive than other materials and have a wide range of standard colors or custom painted options. Plastic laminate offers a wide range of patterns and styles but can require additional care. Solid plastic is durable and requires little maintenance. Phenolic performs well against water, heavy usage, and environments prone to vandalism.

Costs for each can vary widely and should be determined before choosing the style of material because of the significant cost differences between the various materials available.

Bathroom Partition Options

Options available from bathroom partition manufacturers should not be overlooked. Small options can make a big difference in the function and public perception of the building owners.

Bathroom partition options can include added privacy options such as full length “no-sight” doors and hardware that closes up the gaps between partitions. Larger thumb-turns on door latches can make them more accessible and user-friendly. Coat hooks, taller panels, anti-grip head rails can all provide unforeseen benefits that deliver excellent returns in the long run.


When deciding how you want to set up your bathroom partitions, don’t hesitate to contact a sales representative at Rex Williams Division 10 Specialties in Salt Lake City, UT. We can help you find the right bathroom partitions to meet your needs.

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